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The Old Warsaw

"AAA" asked questions that my previous consultants failed to ask. They not only achieved a substantial reduction on our restaurant but did wonderful job on our rental property and commercial and Industrial warehouses"

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The Old Warsaw

The Old Warsaw  - "AAA" asked questions that my previous consultants failed to ask.  They not only achieved a substantial reduction on our restaurant but did wonderful job on our rental property and commerical  and Industrial warehouses.

John thank you for your persistence and your ability to find us the right property tax consultant, I look forward to working with you next year.
 -Al Heidari


"Here at Fabricon, we appreciate not being "just a number" in a large firm.  "AAA" referred us to Tax Advisory Professionals that provided us with a consisten team that stays on top of the changing rules and regulations.

They ensure that we are always informed, which helps us to plan for emerging issues and how to position for the future. They listen; they took the time to get to know our business and how we operate. With their knowledge and commitment to service, they save us time and money; and make it easier for us to focus on meeting our business goals."

E. (Eddie) France- President, Fabricon, Inc.

Kia Motors

"John explained how he would proceed with the presentation of our facilities.  He not only recommended the right consultant,  but when needed, brought in the excellent legas advice to cover some of the more complex issues.  Thanks John."
-Randy Ellis

Credit Union Services

"I would like to say thank you for the professional services rendered to our company.  You walked into several issues that were very challenging and complex.  You made one significant promise to us and that was to connect us with an expert consultant that had the experience to solve difficult problems like the ones we were facing"

-Credit Union Services

Thomas Group

Thomas Group  "Working with Ad Valorem Assessment Advisors was a simple solution for Thomas Group.  After meeting with them and understanding how they handle tax appeals, negotiate values and recapture tax dollars, we were willing to give them the opportunity to succeed."

"We are now pleased to say that Ad Valorem Assessment Advisors will be handling our property tax issues in the future.  They were not only successful in getting a refund from the prior year but were also able to provide a compliance plan to ensure future savings."

Frank Tilley - Thomas Group


GEICO "Understanding GEICO's loyalties to its business alliances, Ad Valorem Assessment Advisors (AAA) had a difficut time proving their business model would work for us.  After several face to face meetings, AAA was allowed the opportunity to introduce us to their recommended consultants."

Our business and Real-estate valuation experts hold multiple credentials and have performed appraisals for almost every industry out there, and for businesses of all sizes, tailoring our expertise to the customers' needs.

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Our purpose is to maintain superior understanding of all issues in the property tax industry; providing the highest qualified consultants and legal experts resulting in the best property tax representation available. We ask questions, identify problems, and offer superlative solutions to achieve the lowest possible tax base. We provide constant communication, fact based answers, and conduct business with utmost integrity.

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