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The Old Warsaw

"AAA" asked questions that my previous consultants failed to ask. They not only achieved a substantial reduction on our restaurant but did wonderful job on our rental property and commercial and Industrial warehouses"

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Our President, John E. Stewart, spent 15 years as Marketing Director for a national property tax firm specializing in the complex issues related to the manufacturing and distribution industries. Through the years, John has developed excellent business relationships with “TOP” property tax consultants that focus on a variety of property tax issues. The key to this business is realizing that all tax consultants are not the same and do not provide the same services nor do they specialize in the same areas of over-assessment.

Ad Valorem Assessment Advisors, Inc. (“AAA”) was formed to provide a very specific service to companies in need of specific and qualified property tax consultation. We refer clients to the most reputable and qualified consultants who possess specific expertise in the client’s area of business.

Any business that pays property taxes can benefit from doing business with “AAA”. We can guarantee you that we will connect you with the best tax consultant to handle your specific tax needs whether they are straight-forward or difficult issues. How can we make such a claim? Well, that’s where “our” expertise becomes an advantage for our clients. You see, we are not a consulting firm, we are truly a property tax advisory company who has spent years establishing relationships and getting to know the specific business advantages of “TOP” property tax consultants who represent a variety of businesses around the nation. Our consultants provide services for a vast array of businesses:

  • Distribution
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Office Complexes
  • Retail
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Leased Equipment
  • Multi-Family
  • Paper Mills & Refineries
  • Undeveloped Land

If your business is required to pay a property tax bill, we can find the right consultant to ensure that you never pay more than your fair share! Whether your business is small, medium or large – we’ve got the right firm who specializes in your business area. Let us share our experience with you. If you are ready to connect with a firm that can provide the best property advice for your company or if you would like additional information, Click Here.

Each state and local government has different rules and regulations about how you actually apply for tax abatement and or tax exemptions. Leverage the experience and the relationships of Ad Valorem Assessment Advisors, Inc. ("AAA") today.

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Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to maintain superior understanding of all issues in the property tax industry; providing the highest qualified consultants and legal experts resulting in the best property tax representation available. We ask questions, identify problems, and offer superlative solutions to achieve the lowest possible tax base. We provide constant communication, fact based answers, and conduct business with utmost integrity.

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