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Nationwide Services

Celebrating 25 years

Over the years we have developed superior working relationships with, Clients old and new, and some outstanding Property Tax Consultants. This year our focus will be on servicing clients that are under the assumption "that all Property Tax Consultants are the same."

The Questions

  1. Have you ever had a Market Value Appraisal prepared for your property?

  2. Would you be interested in having a Market Value Appraisal prepared at no cost to your company?

  3. Does your current consultant provide you with copies of your company's personal property return for your approval prior to the filings of the return?

  4. Are you familiar with and do you have copies of the depreciation schedules the Appraisal District uses to establish your assessment?

  5. What information does the Appraisal District use to arrive at your value?


Our purpose is to maintain superior understanding of all issues in the property tax industry; providing the highest qualified consultants and legal experts resulting in the best property tax representation available. We ask questions, identify problems, and offer superlative solutions to achieve the lowest possible tax base. We provide constant communication, fact based answers, and conduct business with utmost integrity.

The Solutions

  • Abatements

  • Appraisals

  • Audits

  • ​Consultations

  • Exemptions

Legal Matters

Each state and local government has different rules and regulations about how you actually apply for tax abatement and or tax exemptions. Leverage the experience and the relationships of Ad Valorem Assessment Advisors, Inc. ("AAA") today.

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